A Brand is a Species.

Generally, we humans like and need to understand things in terms of patterns.

When a thing gets branded — whether the brand is as large as Chanel or as small as an Etsy shop — it becomes a species. And we like that, because we can expect things of a species. We know approximately what the range of things that a dog will do are, as opposed to the range of things a flower will do, or things a giraffe does. That’s nice, isn’t it? Consistency and unity are helpful. And when the brand/species does things we especially like, and most of all when those things are relevant to our time and lives, it becomes famous. Hello, internet cats.


*Schema. Sure, “schema” is ok too. I prefer the metaphor / visuals of “species”. I was just thinking about how a hotdog cart I passed on the way home was like a giraffe, and wanted to jot the thought down.

  1. tuggywuggy said: The term you are looking for is “schema”
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