Mythology Creation.

This can be done by an entire culture over centuries,

Or by a small group or even a single person over singular years. Their work may then be expanded upon and perhaps even realized by following generations. Take for example, Jules Verne’s all-electric submarine, or Star Trek’s warp drive, and holodeck.

Because it’s one of those days: I feel discouraged and therefore brain-dead. But trying to keep showing up.


RE: eleanorsbuzz: “TBC? Are you sharing a documentary?”

—› It’s strange it’s possible to open a post for replies and yet you can’t answer them in any proper way except to message the person or edit the post.

Anyway, perhaps I misunderstand the question or its intent, but no. TBC as in “to be continued” because this is a topic I’ll be writing more about, when I’m able.

  1. eleadiaz said: TBC? Are you sharing a documentary?
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