Adherents of “transhumanism”—a movement that seeks to transform Homo sapiens through tools like gene manipulation, “smart drugs” and nanomedicine—hail such developments as evidence that we are becoming the engineers of our own evolution. Enhanced humans might inject themselves with artificial, oxygen-carrying blood cells, enabling them to sprint for 15 minutes straight. They could live long enough to taste a slice of their own 250th birthday cake. Or they might abandon their bodies entirely, translating the neurons of their brains into a digital consciousness.

Transhumanists say we are morally obligated to help the human race transcend its biological limits; those who disagree are sometimes called Bio-Luddites.

{ How to Become the Engineers of Our Own Evolution }
The “transhumanist” movement says better technology will enable you to replace more and more body parts—even your brain
By Abigail Tucker
Smithsonian magazine, April 2012


Also in response to: { Anonymous asked: …How can we -physically- transcend our sexes? }

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