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Regarding your comments on sexuality: I get where you're coming from in terms of people being human-centric and afraid of change (especially of how fast our technology is advancing/our "cultural norms" are disintegrating), but regardless of how non-human we become, we still reproduce sexually, still ooze different hormones (the sci-literate person can make a strong argument for the existence of inherent gender differences--look up David Reimer). How can we -physically- transcend our sexes?


You’re are correct. There are gender differences, and we do reproduce a certain way, etc. No denying that.

We are, however, already physically transcending our sexes. Sure, only in small ways, which don’t really “work” properly — we can’t reproduce after a sex change, yet.

You must be referring to this part in { that set of questions } I posted a while ago:

We become more aware of the changeability, the rearrange-ability, of our bodies, and thus,
our cultures, beliefs, knowledge, ways-of-being,

HIR becomes a sci-lit human term combining the sexes
an admittance that we are prone to change, especially in sexuality,
which has until now-then been taboo.
hir is a step towards embracing the trans- & post-human, the alien, the variety of life
We say:
hir, hirs, s/he, wo/man, misster, …

A lot of what I may say is looking, speculating far into the future — not necessarily true now, but I say it now to begin the kind of thinking we’ll require moving forward.

Ideas that are going around now, among futurists, have to do with spectacular changes to the body, if not the removal of a body altogether. (I’m not so sure about that… I don’t think our consciousness is something that can be separated from our physical brains — I understand it as a manifestation of the brain-structure). But, we will have technologies to make those edits, and at the rate we’re going, there might be a way to “transcend” gender as well. For now, I couldn’t tell you how exactly, but it isn’t impossible.

It has to do, also, with current issues of gender and what we’re able to do (LGBT, surrogate mothers, etc.) and re-considering our thousand-year-old thoughts about what gender entitles from an only social/cultural perspective. Or, thinking of things as “unnatural” only because we’ve gained control of their functions… etc.

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